Useful Forms


This section of the web site has been specifically setup to distribute useful forms among our valued customers. You can download any of them by clicking on its title. Since the forms are in Portable Document Format or PDF, as more popularly known, Adobe Acrobat Reader will be needed to view or to print.

Click on the links below to download forms as per your requirement.

Sl. No. Description
1 Application for Supply of Electricity at Low Tension (LT).
2 Application for Supply of Electricity at High Tension (HT).
3 Assessment in case of Unauthorized use of Electricity.
4 Determination of Connected Load (Domestic Connection).
5 Employee Certificate
6 Employee's Information - Bihar State Power Holding & Associated Companies.
7 Format for Intimation to Consumer after Temporary Disconnection of Electrical Supply.
8 Inspection Report.
9 Inspection/Seizure Report.
10 NPS Annexure – Additional Details For Death Withdrawal Form
11 NPS - Death case Withdrawal Form (103-GD)
12 NPS - Partial Withdrawal Form (601-PW) Version 1.1
13 NPS - Premature Withdrawal Form (102-GP)
14 NPS - Subscriber Registration Form - (CSRF Version 1.2)
15 NPS - Subscriber Shifting - (ISS-1)
16 NPS - Normal Superannuation Withdrawal Form (101-GS)
17 Padbhar Prativedan BSPHCL Form 27
18 Pensioner's Information - Bihar State Power Holding & Associated Companies.
18 Application for Authorization of Family Pension - Bihar State Power Holding & Associated Companies.
19 Quarter Allotment Form.
20 NPS - Request for Change/Correction in Subscriber Master details And/Or Reissue of I-Pin/T-Pin/PRAN Card (S2)
21 NPS - DDO Covering Letter for Subscriber Registration Application Forms (S5)
22 Self Declaration of Connected Load.
23 Test Report (To be filled up by licensed Electrical Contractor).
24 HT Agreement Form No. EB-204.
25 New Connection Form No. 5.
26 Registration Form No. EB-70.

Note: The forms listed above and some more are in the process of being put on this web-site.